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Winner of award “Best Show of Dance and
Physical Theatre” Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles 2022




Flamencodanza</p> <p>

Next shows

Artistic Residence Centre Civic Can Clariana, Barcelona 9-27 January 2023. Performance 28 January.

Contemporary Flamenco dancer based in Madrid. Born in Helsinki, she grew up in an international context, attending the “Lycée Franco-Finlandais d´Helsinki” (Baccalaureat, 1999). Although allured by dance from a young age, it wasn’t until after finishing her university degree (BA, Sussex University, 2003), that she decided to pursue a career in dance. She moved to Seville, Spain, to become familiarised with the origins of the art form, and later to Madrid to train professionally at the “Amor de Dios Studios”. While in Madrid, she performed in “Tablaos Flamencos”, and collaborated as a Flamenco dancer in classical Flamenco and Fusion projects, while continuing her training in other styles of dance, such as ballet and contemporary.

She has performed as a solo dancer, accompanied by excellent musicians, in theatres and festivals in France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Finland, Spain, the Czech Republic and the UK. She participated in the 75th & 76th International choreographers´ showcase at the Edinburgh Festival with her solo choreography “Vivir”, performing alongside Principals of Royal Ballet of Birmingham and London.  

She has participated in international performances with renowned Flamenco artists such as Antonio Sánchez, nephew of late Paco de Lucía.

In 2018 she obtained a Master’s degree in Dance from the Barcelona Institute of Arts / Liverpool John Moores University. The theme of her MA was contemporary Flamenco choreography: a synthesis of Flamenco, ballet and contemporary. 

Her duo show “Flamencodanza” was premiered in Avignon, France in 2021, and was programmed in the Cultural Centres of Madrid and Barcelona in 2021-2022. “Flamencodanza” won the prize “Best Show of Dance and Physical theatre” at the Hollywood Fringe festival in June 2022, with performances following at the 33 Florence Dance Festival (Italy), and the Ackté Chamber Music Festival series in Helsinki. She has taught Masterclasses at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona/Liverpool John Moores University and MOVEIT Show, London. Her style is elegant, powerful and delicate.


Collaborations with Flamenco artists

José Carmona “Rapico”, Joni Jiménez, Enrique Bermúdez “Piculabe”, Antonio Sánchez.


Flamenco shows

“Flamencodanza”, Ensueño Flamenco.


Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Centro de Danza y Flamenco Amor de Dios.

MA in Dance, Institute of the Arts Barcelona/Liverpool John Moores University, 2018.


“Best Show of Dance and Physical Theatre” Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2022. 

Avignon Festival, France. Florence Dance Festival 2022, Italy. Hudson Theatre, Hollywood Fringe Festival, L.A. USA. Edinburgh Fringe. Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain.

Collaboration in the albums

“Inner Visions of Flamenco” (2011) and “Guitarra Adentro” (2010) by Raúl Mannola and “Nuevo Mundo” by Vandalus (2016).