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Flamencodanza Aylin Bayaz







MADRID ArtBattalion Festival, WhiteLab 10/9/2022 FLAMENCODANZA Koivu ja
Tähti Festival 26/7/2022 HELSINKI Ackté Festival, Balder
Hall 05/08/2022 HOLLYWOOD at Hudson Theater, Hollywood 05/06/2022 @5.30pm. 11/06/2022 @6.30pm 15/06/2022 @6.30. 18/06/2022 @6.30pm. 21/06/2022 @6.30pm. 25/06/2022 @8.30pm. New York, On-line 21st Annual Dumbo Dance Festival, 23-26/06/2022 FLORENCE Florence Dance Festival, Italy: 30/06/2022 SAO PAULO Sala Renée Gumiel 27-28/05/2022 MADRID 11/02/2022 Centro Cultural Fernando de los Ríos. BARCELONA 18/02/2022 Centre Cívic Can Castelló. MADRID 26/20/2022 Centro Cultural Fernando Lazaro Carreter. MOVE IT ExCeL London 11/03/2022. MADRID 19/03/2022. Centro Cultural San Juan Bautista.

Hollywood Hudson Theater 2022


Florence Dance Festival, Italy 2022


Brno International Guitar Festival 2020

By Ernest Kearney — If you have never found yourself in a café cantante or attended a Juerga, a gathering comparable to a “jazz session,” where you were able to experience the beauty of Flamenco, then in bailaora Aylin Bayaz and guitarist Raúl Mannola you have an opportunity that should not be missed. Bayaz stakes out a small patch of the Hudson stage and owns it, while accompanied by Mannola. Mannola is amazing to watch. He does not “play” the guitar, he dominates it. A distinct benefit of seeing them performed at the Hudson is the venue’s intimacy which allows you to witness the concentrated intensity of flamenco and the abundance that it yields. For Flamencodanza a PLATINUM MEDAL. Hollywood Fringe Festival 2020

Flamencodanza is performed by dancer Aylin Bayaz and guitarist Raúl Mannola, and they are magnificent. Bayaz and Mannola completely assume the space at the Hudson Guild Theatre where they perform with a unique ferocity but also respect for intimacy. It is flamenco, after all. This powerhouse duo takes their audience for a ride, and they do not hold back. One moment they display tenderness as they replicate candle-lit dinner vibes; the next moment they’ve swept you away with such an uninhibited release of energy that you are tapping or stomping yourself. Yet while this kinetic energy flows in abundance on stage, it remains clear just how much technical control they both have. They are dedicated masters of their craft. Aylin’s intense, sensual choreography is complemented by the pair’s beautiful garments. Mannola’s hands move over the guitar as if it has always been a part of him. Flamencodanza is hot, and you won’t see anything else like it this at the Fringe.

Joseph Klink Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022

The final piece “Vivir”, choreographed and performed by Aylin Bayaz, is along with "Time and No Time" the standout performance, a display of hugely impressive Spanish dancing. Edinburgh Festival




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