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Fine traditional flamenco ventures further afield, blending ballet,
pointe shoes and all, taking the characteristic spin
and twirl into new territory. ★★★★ -Peter Burdon, The Advertiser, Adelaide 2020




FLAMENCODANZA Sala Renée Gumiel, Sao Paulo: 27-28.5. FLAMENCODANZA
at Hudson Theaters, Hollywood 5.6.@5.30pm. 11.6. @6.30pm
15.6.@6.30. 18.6.@6.30pm. Tue 21.6.@6.30pm. 25.6.@8.30pm. FLAMENCODANZA 21st Annual Dumbo Dance Festival, NY On-line 23-26.6. FLAMENCODANZA Florence Dance Festival, Italy: 30.6. FLAMENCODANZA Koivu ja Tähti Festival 26.7. FLAMENCODANZA Ackté Festival, Balder Hall, Helsinki 5.8. FLAMENCODANZA 11.2.2022 Centro Cultural Fernando de los Ríos, Madrid. FLAMENCODANZA 18.2.2022 Centre Cívic Can Castelló, Barcelona. FLAMENCODANZA 26.2.2022 Centro Cultural Fernando Lazaro Carreter, Madrid. MOVE IT ExCeL London 11.3.2022. FLAMENCODANZA 19.3.2022. Centro Cultural San Juan Bautista, Madrid.



Brno International Guitar Festival 2020

★★★★ Aylin Eleonora: A soaring comet, something of a poetess that wishes to expand the possibilities of her chosen artform. I loved the way she attacked her moves -breathtaking at times- conjuring eagles and dragons with her flamboyant shawl-work. You can almost smell the Andalusian harvest and can almost feel the spirit which rose up against Napoleon. Aylin and Raul pushed the boundaries back even further, demonstrating that Siva & Parvati, linga & yoni, still retain the ability to manifest on our mortal plane.

Mumble Cirque - Edinburgh Festival 2019

FLAMENCODANZA Un viaje musical, desde la música clásica al Flamenco Una de las decisiones más importantes de mi vida, fue una decisión visceral que tomé después de atender uno de los eventos más significativos en mi vida, un concierto de violín Me llevó a España, a conocer los orígenes del Flamenco Con el tiempo llegando a ser bailarina profesional, actuando por teatros y escenarios del mundo Ir haciendo mi propio estilo de baile, Flamencodanza, un estilo contemporáneo, sin etiquetas, que tiene varias influencias En el espectáculo bailo coreografías que fui creando durante la pandemia. Se desenvuelven con una música que va desde la música clásica hasta el Flamenco

The final piece “Vivir”, choreographed and performed by Aylin Bayaz, is along with Time and No Time the standout performance, a display of hugely impressive Spanish dancing.

The Wee review, Edinburgh Edinburgh Festival 2018

FlaFContemporary Flamenco dancer based in Madrid. She has performed in numerous theaters and festivals through

out Spain, France, Edinburgh, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Brazil, Finland and the Czech Republic.
In 2018 she obtained a Master’s degree in Dance from the Barcelona Institute of Arts / Liverpool John Moores University.
In September 2020 she was in artistic residency with the Ballet Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She has tmencosses at the Institute of the Arts Barcelonaer style is elegant, fresh and power



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